CHILE: American billionaire and environmentalist Douglas Tompkins died in accident in Patagonia

The american businessman and environmentalist Douglas Tompkins has died at 72 in accident while he was using a kayak with a group of people in the General Carrera Lake, near the town of Puerto Ingeniero Ibanez, Aysén Region, located 950 miles south from Santiago (Chile).

The founder of Pumalin Park was rescued by the Chilean Navy and transferred with hypothermia to the regional hospital in Coyhaique, with only 18 degrees of body temperature, where he died at 18:30 local time.


Douglas Tompkins was dedicated to the conservation, restoration and environmental activism. Tompkins. In 1964, he founded The North Face for making and selling equipment for the outdoors. In the 60s I first traveled to Patagonia to climb Mount Fitzroy, surfing, skiing and climbing along the way. Later he founded the clothing company Esprit. In the 80s he became interested increasingly in environmental activism. In the 90s he bought vast areas of Patagonia in Argentina and, mainly Chile, which was practically the owner of the Province Palena, where he founded the Pumalin Park, a vast area of ​​290,000 km2 that runs from the border with Argentina to Pacific Ocean, instead of virgin vegetation, rich in water resources and native wood, mainly larch.

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